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Looking every which way but Up

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Sometimes in life we’re faced with situations where we cannot continue the way we have. It may be something external or internal, but there is a new path you must start on that necessitates some changes in your heart and spirit. When that situation comes it may feel like your whole world is upside down and you don’t know where to turn or look toward for help and guidance. Friends and family may want to help and offer their advice. But sometimes even this is not enough to get you through your trials. That’s where you must learn to not look down and all around, but to look up. There is a God who created you for a purpose and the fact that you are alive means that you have a purpose to fulfill. That same God loves you and will hold your hand through all your trials, He will never leave you, and is the only one who can truly understand. So through all the times where confusion has set in, and tears stream down your face and you don’t know what to do, have peace that the Lord of Heaven is with you and he will wipe every tear from your eyes…it’s only temporary and, once it’s over, this trial will only help you be the person you were intended to be…Blessings ❤


Author: 1710faithandlove

Enjoying life as a mom and busy entrepreneur, hoping to provide inspiration and encouragement to all who visit

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