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What Are You Chasing?

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It all comes down to what matters most to us. What we go after is a reflection of our desires, our goals and what level we are at in life. To most people, the major motivating factor is money and we spend our days, our nights and our weekends chasing the mean green. And at the same time, we rob those closest to us of our time and our company through life’s moments. Moments that might have one day been precious memories. Money in and of itself is not a bad or evil thing. It is the focus on money and money alone that is the problem. Although there are a few exceptions, we need money to survive in this world. However, most people lose sight of what money is and what money can provide and what it cannot provide. What money provides is leverage. It is through money that we can grow businesses, send children to private school, ease into retirement. What money cannot do is what a lot of people don’t realize, it cannot provide life. People chase it so aggressively and sacrifice their time thinking it will provide all they will need in this world. They may eventually own a mansion, but some end up with an empty one because they’ve lost their family in the drive to earn the most money. What they lose sight of is that, by itself, money cannot produce life. The only One who can give life is the Creator of this world and the One who gave His life for us so that we may have life. So what are you chasing? Are you chasing money and only focusing on what can give you leverage? Or are you chasing the One who gives us true life? A life where He is the provider of all we ever need and even what we want.

Blessings and Love


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