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Dance it Out



Yesterday, I discovered something new.  My two year old boy loves to dance and I love to dance with him.     We were watching TV when a song came on and he started to run and bounce around to the beat of the music.  I switched the channel to an all music channel playing hip upbeat music and away we went.  Laughing, bouncing, swirling.  It was a great time and served to lift my spirits from any and all issues that may have ailed me through the day.  We eventually got tired and switched back to tamer TV entertainment but that moment will be remembered as a special one.  It’s funny how the simplest moments can be the sweetest in our lives.   

If something is bothering you, try turning it up and losing yourself in the moment as you dance, dance, dance it away.  It may not resolve everything, but it will put it smile on your face and in your heart. ❤ Blessings!


Author: 1710faithandlove

Enjoying life as a mom and busy entrepreneur, hoping to provide inspiration and encouragement to all who visit

3 thoughts on “Dance it Out

  1. I love this precious story!!! How beautiful….and priceless. God bless those moments forever.

  2. i”m just in the mood to take your advise! lol 🙂 Shalom

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