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Time for Healing

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Recently, I learned a lesson about healing.  My son was playing and he accidentally tripped and fell on dresser lamp as I was holding him,and momentarily his chin made contact with the hot light bulb.  His chin was burned and this was the first time he got injured this way.  I was so upset about the whole incident but prayed that God would heal him to the point where his skin would be completely restored and that no permanent marks would be visible.  So far his chin is much better and is slightly pink throughout.  It has been about  a week and a half and every day I take a look to check how it is doing (along with applying his medication).  Every day it’s a little bit better.  However, I don’t know when the day will come when it will completely go away and look the same as before.  The same is with our own hurts and traumas…we don’t know the exact day when we will be 100% restored but every day holds the promise of it getting a little bit better.  We have to remain strong and have the faith that we are on a journey of bettering ourselves and one day we will not only be healed but be an even better person or be in a better situation than before.  Blessings ❤


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