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Stop thinking about it and just work on it

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Today as I was driving into the office, I was thinking about how much mental energy we invest in certain goals and how much actual “work” we put into them. For example, I am almost constantly thinking about losing weight/dieting/exercise or a variation thereof. I have been this way for several years. Sometimes I put in little more effort and I do shed a few pounds. However, I noticed the thoughts may be there for several months and the weight on the scale does not nudge more then a pound or two in either direction with the number centering around the same average. Why think, almost obsess, about something so much and yet so little result? It works in other areas too…financially, spiritually, personally. We set so many goals and maybe we think about them often, however, we need to remember to also Move. We have to work a little every day in order to see results. The kinds of results that make the vision come into reality. It might take more effort than we may be willing to do while in our comfort zone, but it is the only way. Make a plan and work on it every day. It’s a plan of Action, not a plan of fantasy. It may start with a fantasy but it cannot end with one. We need actual, measurable results to get the job done. So today, I want to inspire you to not only dream, but put the steps in place and work, sweat, run, move, dream a little more, lather, rinse and repeat. Let’s see where you’re at in 3-6 months and how far you’ve gone…


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