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Time for Healing

Recently, I learned a lesson about healing.  My son was playing and he accidentally tripped and fell on dresser lamp as I was holding him,and momentarily his chin made contact with the hot light bulb.  His chin was burned and this was the first time he got injured this way.  I was so upset about the whole incident but prayed that God would heal him to the point where his skin would be completely restored and that no permanent marks would be visible.  So far his chin is much better and is slightly pink throughout.  It has been about  a week and a half and every day I take a look to check how it is doing (along with applying his medication).  Every day it’s a little bit better.  However, I don’t know when the day will come when it will completely go away and look the same as before.  The same is with our own hurts and traumas…we don’t know the exact day when we will be 100% restored but every day holds the promise of it getting a little bit better.  We have to remain strong and have the faith that we are on a journey of bettering ourselves and one day we will not only be healed but be an even better person or be in a better situation than before.  Blessings ❤


My Life is in Your Hands

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No matter what may come your way, your life is in His hands…

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Seedtime and Harvest Time


Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

The old saying goes, “you reap what you sow.”  If we sow good things we will reap good things and the opposite is true.  This idea is repeated over and over again throughout the Bible.  But we might often forget the truth of this in our own lives and how it can affect several aspects of our lives.  One example that comes to mind is in relationships.  If we are suffering difficult times in our relationships, we should ask ourselves, “what kinds of seeds have I placed in the soil of our relationship to lead to this particular harvest time?  Did I plant seeds of jealousy, distrust, betrayal, anger, apathy, bitterness, resentment…etc.  Am I now going through a season of harvest time that reflects that crop?”

The good news is that we have the power to affect the harvest time at any time.  If we want a turn around then we need to start planting seeds that will lead to a new harvest.  We can plant seeds of love, gentleness, tolerance, patience, understanding, loyalty, sweetness, support, and acceptance.  And as surely as the truth in the principle of seedtime and harvest time, our crop will bring us to a new level in our relationship.   The truth is we have this power and we can start it at any time.  So why not start now?

Love and blessings! ❤

Words to Live By

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Words to Live By

Sometimes we complain of people who seem to only think or speak bad things about us. We in turn develop certain behaviors to deal with said people which may better or worsen the situation. But perhaps the best thing to do is to live and move forward in such a way that they have nothing that they can say or continue to say. Live in a way that whatever negative or critical thing they have left to say, makes them out to be a liar. In the end, some people will always choose to live in the negative and you will just have to leave them to their misjudgments and continue on in the best way you know how. God bless ❤


Dance it Out


Yesterday, I discovered something new.  My two year old boy loves to dance and I love to dance with him.     We were watching TV when a song came on and he started to run and bounce around to the beat of the music.  I switched the channel to an all music channel playing hip upbeat music and away we went.  Laughing, bouncing, swirling.  It was a great time and served to lift my spirits from any and all issues that may have ailed me through the day.  We eventually got tired and switched back to tamer TV entertainment but that moment will be remembered as a special one.  It’s funny how the simplest moments can be the sweetest in our lives.   

If something is bothering you, try turning it up and losing yourself in the moment as you dance, dance, dance it away.  It may not resolve everything, but it will put it smile on your face and in your heart. ❤ Blessings!