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What’s your Miracle?


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I want to make this blog posting about you and the kinds of things God has shown you and done for you.  Giving your testimony, in church-speak.  It helps to encourage and inspire and we want to hear from you and all the times you thought you couldn’t pull through, but somehow, you did.  For me, it has happened several times in small ways and big ways and it’s all happened through the journey called our walk with God.  It’s seen at the times you thought you would run out of money, but you didn’t…run out of options, but you didn’t.  In fact you most likely were blessed in ways that you weren’t even expecting or asking for.  God is good.  One example is when I was chosen to shoot a commercial for CVS, as a pharmacist, in NYC.  The experience was great, I got to see what it’s like to be a celebrity as I was fussed over at hair, make-up and wardrobe, was asked what I would like to drink and eat and it was brought to me.  I was able to enjoy a Broadway show and stay at a luxury Manhattan hotel…and when filming was over, I received surprise royalty checks every 3 months or so for over a year. I say surprise because I never knew when they were coming…but this is just an example of God’s blessings and favor that can exist in your life, when you choose to follow and walk with Him.  Looking forward to hearing yours…



Dance it Out


Yesterday, I discovered something new.  My two year old boy loves to dance and I love to dance with him.     We were watching TV when a song came on and he started to run and bounce around to the beat of the music.  I switched the channel to an all music channel playing hip upbeat music and away we went.  Laughing, bouncing, swirling.  It was a great time and served to lift my spirits from any and all issues that may have ailed me through the day.  We eventually got tired and switched back to tamer TV entertainment but that moment will be remembered as a special one.  It’s funny how the simplest moments can be the sweetest in our lives.   

If something is bothering you, try turning it up and losing yourself in the moment as you dance, dance, dance it away.  It may not resolve everything, but it will put it smile on your face and in your heart. ❤ Blessings!

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Looking every which way but Up

Sometimes in life we’re faced with situations where we cannot continue the way we have. It may be something external or internal, but there is a new path you must start on that necessitates some changes in your heart and spirit. When that situation comes it may feel like your whole world is upside down and you don’t know where to turn or look toward for help and guidance. Friends and family may want to help and offer their advice. But sometimes even this is not enough to get you through your trials. That’s where you must learn to not look down and all around, but to look up. There is a God who created you for a purpose and the fact that you are alive means that you have a purpose to fulfill. That same God loves you and will hold your hand through all your trials, He will never leave you, and is the only one who can truly understand. So through all the times where confusion has set in, and tears stream down your face and you don’t know what to do, have peace that the Lord of Heaven is with you and he will wipe every tear from your eyes…it’s only temporary and, once it’s over, this trial will only help you be the person you were intended to be…Blessings ❤

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Hello world!

Hello readers, thank you for coming to my blog!  I hope to provide uplifting words and encouragement for whatever you may be going through at the moment.  We all go through difficult moments and they may feel so painful they truly do feel like storms and we may never know when those storms may pass. But just like storms pass and the sun eventually comes out, so will the storms of your life pass and you’ll come to know that because those storms came and went, the sun will shine even brighter for you…Blessings and Love!